Portable & Collapsible Water Bottle - Classy & Convenient!

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Instantly save space with out innovative collapsible water bottle! Made from 100% safe food-grade silicone, this water bottle is the perfect solution to your water-drinking woes. Carry it with you in your gym bag, purse, or keep it in your car. It's convenient and portable!


• 100% Portable - Our bottles folds to an astonishing 7 x 7x 14cm! Keep it in your purse, gym bag, briefcase, or locker. It can go with you ANYWHERE! Perfect for taking on walks, hikes, to the gym, camping, and much more.

• Perfect for both Hot or Cold Beverages - The collapsible bottle can be used with hot or cold liquids, safely. It holds a mega 550ml when extended! Feel free to use it for hot coffee, water, and even hot tea!

• Money Saver - Tired of wasting money of drinks? Now, you don't have too! Take our bottle with you everywhere and fill it with whatever beverage you want!

• Eco-Friendly - Did you know that the plastic bottle water is purchased in is terrible for the environment? By using our reusable, silicone bottle you are reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. Awesome!

• Easy to Clean - Super easy to wash and dry. This bottle is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

This is the BEST water bottle you'll EVER own! Take a stand against wasteful plastic bottles and use this eco-safe version that folds up and saves you space and money.